App Manager

Create your app together with the INSIDE Team easily and efficiently.

Meta information for each project can be stored and managed in the App Manager Preferences.
The structure follows the production process (setup, styling, content, publication, operation). Each part is divided into tasks that can be among divided between the exhibition team and INSIDE. Even areas such as testing, ticketing and time management are mapped and controlled from the application manager.
The INSIDE App Manger in use for three years in INSIDE apps and is constantly being expanded.

Service Desk

Communicate with the INSIDE Team effectively.


Control every detail of your app in realtime.

The INSIDE CMS is an online app that allows you to easily edit all content for any project, with the following advantages:

1. Easy Setup
The CMS is directly connected to the app and the online catalog and is automatically configured and available right after Setup.

2. Easy-to-use
in-line editing and a simple operating structure make the CMS easy to use. This eliminates the need for time-consuming training and familiarization phases

3. Flexible user groups
A flexible user management system allows users to be given access to edit specified areas. For example, a media partner can be given access to the news feed to post updates, while not being given access to edit other areas.

4. Ready for the future
INSIDE CMS has a modern interface architecture (REST). Automatic interfaces can be either set to other systems or can be imported via upload options. Insde CMS also offers an export interface to popular XML formats for catalog printing. So the transition to fully digital visitor information can be carried out gradually.

Map Editor

Edit the floorplan and navigation data in realtime.

All map content can be easily changed with the new map editor (currently in development). From a simple set of POIs (Points of Interest) to the change of equipment and manual Customizing Floorplan logos on the stands, the CMS offers a direct and fast way to control map content independently of other data sources and tools (e.g .: Hapla).


Handle media marketing with ease via a shop and content-upload system.

Many marketing functions, for example, push messages, can not be efficiently marketed through traditional distribution channels from the print catalog era. To this end, the INSIDE MarketPlace was developed.

The INSIDE MarketPlace is an online tool that provides the exhibitors with the opportunity to book marketing options within the app / online catalog and to provide appropriate content.